Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Cloned female bodies controlled by artificial intelligence

 This extraordinary video from 2008 shows two identical women running out onto a motorway and getting hit by fast-moving vehicles, then getting up and running from police. In 'Meet the Ancients: Ascension Earth, Birth of a New Sun', Sandra 'Little White Wolf' Medicine Woman ' writes about the history of cloning by the extra-terrestrial races:
"The imperfect bodies of light are cloned skin and non-living matter attracting and extracting the elements which produce bio-luminescence, a walking flourescent bulb in a blue or grey and rarely white or black suit. These very adaptive suits for the robots controlled by the consciousness of the demons were developed from the skin of the sea mammals. The Orion Blue beings were the first bi-pedal humanoid-appearing AI that work like super-computers."
Ascension Earth - Birth of a new Sun came about as a result of Sandra's life experiences being taught in the dreamscape by the Mantid, the Guardian - 'My Guardian and one of the Ancients who know the history of Earth'.

 Her comments below are in response to the video of the 'Swedish twins' posted above:

 "It's the first of the successfully cloned females, which have the artificial intelligence controlling the body and emotional center of these beings, and so the living force which is in the body is not the light force energy, and the one being you have here which looks identical to the being here - even though they are identical and would be considered as twins, the souls that are controlled within those bodies are not the souls that went with the original body from which that DNA was taken to make those cloned bodies.

So they've made these cloned bodies from this particular set of genes - basically these are athletes - so they have these massively developed genetic expressions, and then you have someone like an Amy Winehouse that dies, and they will just take that fractured soul and put in this body. So this is a soul that is not  trapped under the pyramid. It's trapped in a cloned body with this artificial web over it. And they can control this body. It doesn't exactly have a mind.  It has the soul consciousness that has departed in a seriously negative circumstance."

How did they manage to get up from this? 'When the atoms encounter an opposing force , they turn to liquid. The skin is a cetacean skin, so it is like running over a rubber tyre.'

Meet the Ancients: Ascension Earth - Birth of a new Sun
is a 206 page book that is the result of an intense and ongoing direct telepathic communication with the mantis beings

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