Friday, 26 May 2017

Ascension Earth, Birth of New Sun

‘The earlier unsuccessful attempts to communicate with humanity through channelers has led to a more intense effort at direct telepathic communication between the Guardians and the Star Seed population who have been subjected to continuous biological assault beginning 2001.’
‘The time of the “great crossing” was seen as a time of great change and possibilities --- And so, there were many “insertions” into this particular segment of time/space for this was/is the crucial time/moment/juncture where much could, and was, accessed, from those that would “claim” this time/moment as theirs, to own and control, and “re-write” to their own “purposes”.

‘Why are they coming now? Because NOW is that time!’

Meet the Ancients

by Cumberland academy

Sandra and Max Desorgher share their life stories of contact with non-human multi-dimensional intelligences, and the Knowledge that these beings have shared. Woven through the narrative is the story of Sarah, a whirlwind of an autistic girl who helped us to understand the mysteries of autism and the 'Light Children', and Sandra's struggle through the devastating condition known as 'Morgellons Disease', or 'Silent Superbug'.

Excerpt from Chapter 4
United We Stand – 1000 years of deception
"The deception goes back in our human history thousands of years. Our history as humans has been created for this time in our solar system’s evolution, a time when the life force energy is cleansed, purified. Other planets have undergone their major cataclysms and their histories are evident in the cosmos, their record of events available to a few ‘earthlings’. Our quadrant of this solar system has been ‘quarantined’ since the seeding of this planet by the human in perfect form – man, by God the creator. We are here to experience life in this dimension, good and evil, light and dark with no further intrusion or manipulation by dark force energy, demonic artificial intelligence which is determined to reach earth and claim victory as the greater power – more intelligent than the light. The atoms dance to the vibrations of the light and the darkness but the artificial intelligence traps the photons and manipulates DNA fragments, creates illusions of life.
   The agenda that seeks to control us requires secrecy and deception for it to succeed. At this time it is essential to understand that we have been kept ignorant through mis-information."

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