Thursday 31 December 2015

The Enteric Nervous System (Solar Plexus) in Human Design System and Autism

According to the Human Design System, humanity is in the process of transition into a new being, the RAVE.

“For the full mutation to happen, the emotional center, or Solar Plexus, has to fully mutate into an "aware" awareness center. Right now it is an awareness center but it isn't fully developed. Fully mutated Raves will not begin to come until  2027 with the  transformation of the solar plexus. It is possible to see glimpses of what these Raves will be like, but any examples we see today are only transitional elements and we have no idea what a Rave will really be like. People with autism, people with prostrate cancer and "Indigo Children" are part of this transformation.”

“The emotional center goes up and down in a biochemical wave. This wave can be a few seconds long or several years. A defined solar plexus will have millions of waves intertwined.”

The complexity of the solar plexus with its millions of waves broadcasting biochemical information at millions of different frequencies, we are seeing the emergence of biochemistry as a ‘language of light’, with each molecule having its own light signature, and the evolving immune system in the emerging Rave (autist) beginning to recognize molecules by their light signal rather than their amino acid structure (antibodies). In those known as autists, the enteric immune system has evolved to define the light signature of lutein as ‘non-self’. A being that defines self and not-self by light signature rather than amino acid can no longer be seen as biological in nature, but as a ‘light being’.
As the signaling pathways within the enteric nervous system becomes ever more complex, it develops into what is now being called The Second Brain

'There is a vast network of nerves surrounding the esophagus, stomach and intestines of such complexity that it is called the "second brain." It's real name is the enteric nervous system and it has more neurotransmitters than anywhere else in the entire nervous system.'

‘The gut's brain is reported to play a major role in human happiness and misery. Many gastrointestinal disorders like colitis and irritable bowel syndrome originate from problems within the gut's brain.’ Gastrointestinal disorders are very prevalent in the autistic population.
Also prevalent, and increasing in the human population generally, are multiple chemical sensitivities and food intolerances, marked by the social phenomenon of  special diets, and people with complex sensitivity disorders. These are also signs of the developing complexity of the ‘enteric nervous system’.

This awakening new ‘consciousness center’ is regulated in its awakening by a complex system of neurotransmitters, including powerful endogenous and exogenous opioids (opiate-like substances) which have been found to be unique to people with autism and related conditions including schizophrenia.  The enteric system itself is responsible for the manufacture and storage of these opiates (such as gliadomorphins) and does so in some autists through a sensitivity to gluten and casein containing foods, for example, which are tagged, converted into amino acid chains and ‘switched’ into powerful mu opioids. (Shattock, Panksapp, Reichelt etc.)

In the autist, many functions of the enteric nervous system are entirely shut down, protecting the autist from the overwhelming waves of emotional and sensorineural information that the emerging center would be experiencing if fully awake at this time. This has been shown in the work of Stephen Porgus (the polyvagal theory) which shows how stimulation of the vagus nerve resulted in ‘social awakening’ in the severely autistic subject. We have shown that autists entering into a ‘lutein-free diet’ experiment experience a profound and lasting ‘awakening’, demonstrating the role of lutein as an immune-related switch for the control  of the entire enteric system in the autist. Why lutein has this special role is not yet determined.

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