Sunday, 7 February 2016

Sandra's Dream Diary 13th January 2016

"In January of 2016 during a dream state I found myself in the company of a Light Being. I could only see the folds of the garment flowing around the area which would be at ankle length. The garment appeared as silk or linen-like in appearance and the color was beige but the edge was golden. I was curious enough to ask the name of the Light Being and received answer Auragius from the dog star Sirius. Instantly I was informed through the knowing rather than from sound or telepathy that this Being was available or instructed to accompany my spirit to places where the “white wolf” could not go."
"I woke feeling that I had been in a gathering of female energy bodies who had in common a similar age during their present incarnation. The Light Being teacher appeared to me as Auragius and was communicating that the spiritual beings gathered together had in common:
  • That in their male and female energy there was an imbalance. In this incarnation there would be focus on correcting this by the individual.
  • That the time in prenatal development when the female or reproductive organ development competes with immune and non-gender specific brain development.
  • That the beings gathered together had in common being associated to Indigo children, Crystal children or being gifted or unusual.
  • That the spirit beings gathered shared a particularly difficult 7 year cycle during which many had chosen not to remain.
  • That the spirit beings would now undergo a period of brain development as the signal which interfered with prenatal brain development during the growth of the reproductive system was no longer blocking the migratory cell transmission.
  • The spirit beings could choose to attempt to locate one another in waking state."

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