Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The Language of the Birds and Symbolism

"The ancient Egyptians dispensed with this restrictive veil (the ego) . . their thought processes – reality/perception – most definitely lived in a parallel realm to the static state. This, due to a life, obviously, based on ‘vital philosophy – a non mechanistic world view – no doubt, an Earth embracing philosophy, which, by definition, would have been totally organic in Nature."

‘The Language of the Birds,’ is an arcane expression which marks an initiate capable of stepping between worlds. To the archaic tongue, our initiate would be known as an entheogenically experienced Shaman. There are no words for the higher ‘experiences’ – only Symbols.

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Merle Moss on FB said...

Interesting. The Shinto Torii originated as a kind of "bird-rest".