Friday, 16 July 2010

Language and nature - a mystic perspective

Language and Nature
by Max Desorgher

God's language is written in the earth and in nature. That is the central realisation of the mystic and of the mystic poet. It is also, of course, central to the understanding of the healer or shaman who use the language of nature to connect her or himself to the Source of healing, the Source of light, the Source of truth. The poet delves into language, and finds meaning behind meaning in the depths of it. The mystic delves into nature and finds the same.

Are language and nature, then, ultimately one, or at least so intertwined that when either are explored by the mind of woman/man, they provoke that mystic vision which is mankind's greatest teacher? Or, going one step further, is that mystic vision actually the mind of God, which mankind enters by means of those magical touchstones, language and nature?

When people are robbed of language and nature, they are robbed of their divine inheritance - the means to enter that blessed realm and communicate directly with their Creator. In such a world, we are stunted, depressed, forever longing after a lost paradise. It is surely the task of the poet, the artist or the healer, to return that birthright to the world, so that we can smile once again, knowing who we are, who made us and why.

The mystic vision reveals God, mankind and universe in harmony. It is also a prophesy of what can be restored when mankind remembers his place in the scheme of things, and returns to his heart.

Max Desorgher

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