Monday, 19 July 2010

Healing with Crystals: Opals

Spiritual and Healing Properties of Opals

There are many different color variations of opals. Clear, white or water opals have been used as gazing tools as a way to look inward, a spiritual mirror. Opals are also helpful for enhancing dreamwork or assisting spiritual journeys. Blue opals can help open up the third eye, sooth the throat chakra, and encourage telepathic communications.

Fire opals (ranging from orange to red) can be used to stimulate change, manifest your ideas. They have also been associated with improving circulation. Green opals help give an energy boost. Pink opals address emotional issues, offering nourishment and support to the heart chakra.

'The opal is used for helping one that doesn't want to appear in the front or allows you to "fade into the background." Or to be less noticed. A stone of happy dreams and good changes. The opal can be used to help one open their "mystical" side. Gives you understanding of the Higher Powers. This stone carries both the sun and moon's energy. It is basically a moon's stone or female energy but has its flash of male energy in the iridescent colors and carries the sun's energy. These flashes encourage intuition and insight. These flashes also represent an "inner fire" that gently stimulates you towards the Spiritual realms. Can be used during astral travel but is NOT a powerful stone for astral travel, the energies are more subtle.' [From: Opal Carries Moon and Sun Energies]

Remedy Benefits of Opal:
•Promotes introspection
•Sparks imagination
•Awakens intuition
•Enhances clairvoyance
•Manifesting tool

Opal (Wikipedia)


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