Friday, 3 March 2017

Cumberland Academy


A center of transformational learning and a transitional holistic community' in a holistic and life-affirming new model

"The core project will be the development of an off-grid community and teaching center that innovates in integrative, holistic and life-affirming building design, energy systems, water management, gardening, food science, nutrition and herbology."
"Welcome to a new concept in life-changing education - Cumberland Academy is transforming the way we live and learn.
I have had the privilege to work with some of the greatest teachers, including Ruth White, Ra Uru Hu and Dr. J.J. Hurtak.
Now, my vision of establishing a healing community that is also a center of learning, is finally coming to fruition."

-- New Technologies - Environmental Sustainability --

Ecology and sustainability - natural and off-grid building - Renewable energy
Organic gardening - Permaculture - Forest Gardens

. . . Healing and Natural Medicine . . .
homeschooling - distance education - computer-based learning - community-based models - experimental models - freeschooling - unschooling - adapted curriculum - adapted technology 
. . . Knowledge and Wisdom Teachings . . .
Spiritual Teachings - Shamanic and Native American Traditions - Healing - Channeling - Dreaming -  Texts and scriptures - New Age Revelations - Human Design - Astrology - Cosmology

. . . Gaia, Space-portals and Emerging new Realities . . .
Rediscovered History - Ancient Civilizations - Inner Earth - Portals - Dragon energies - UFOs - Secret Space Programs - Global Elites - Conspiracies - Political Revolution - Multidimensional realities - Unified Field Theory

Orientation program
"Who am I? What is my calling? How do I find fulfillment? For most people, these basic questions are largely left unanswered, yet they are essential questions if our lives are to be purposeful. How do we go about finding answers to these questions, is the central theme of the orientation program"

Health and well-being
Self-motivation and commitment
Global awareness

 The Orientation program is the starting point for all of us, to find our path and our commitment. It leads to the status of 'Associate of Cumberland Academy' allowing entry into the many projects that we hope to develop together, as a community of teachers, builders and learners.

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