Sunday, 28 August 2016

God is calling us home

Have you ever felt that there is a greater power guiding your life, that there are just too many remarkable occurences that have happened, that cannot be put down to chance alone?  
You're not alone in that.

The Spiritual Call

When we hear the Spiritual Call,  Our life is transformed into a journey back to God:
 The "Journey of the Soul."
The feeling of being guided, helped at times by higher forces, destiny, angelic beings, has been with humanity for as long as we have been on this earth. It is part of our very nature.  We can choose to ignore those feelings, those "promptings of the spirit" that come to us in so many ways, Or we can choose to follow the call, and see where it leads. That choice, to follow the path of the spirit, is often the beginning of a journey that leads us to a profound series of awakenings into the nature of reality and the journey of the soul.

The world is full of darkness - so why am I here? 

For me, this is the deepest question that faces all spiritual seekers. Why did I come into this world that seems to me to be so dark, so full of ignorance and misguidance.
 I am Max Desorgher, and I have been a spiritual seeker all my life. It has taken me all over the world, and I have followed many paths, but the essential truth never changes - a belief in the knowledge of God and the sanctity of all life.

'As a Spiritual Guidance counselor, I try to help people find their way in the world. Having searched and walked many paths, I am open to all, however it may present itself to the seeker. While following my own path, I do not seek to impose my way on another, but to help each find their own way, whatever that may be.'

'If there is an underlying truth that connects all religions and spiritual paths, it is that we have separated ourselves from God, and are lost within a Maia of illusion and fantasy. However my belief is that God has never forgotten us, and continues to call us back to Himself.'

The Spiritual Call

When we hear the Spiritual Call, our life is transformed into a journey back to God: the "Journey of the Soul."

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