Monday, 20 June 2011

Spirit Song

'White Feather' wrote his-her Spirit Song:

I answered the calling of my soul,
And descended from the realms of pure light
To be with the earth in her hour of need.

I am a pure child of God
Blessed with the gifts of Spirit;
I have conquered adversity.
I have mastered the elements
of earth, wind, fire and water;

All creatures of earth are my brothers and sisters.
The earth is my home.

Laying on the earth, I am listening
Sitting on the earth, I am hearing
Standing on the earth, I am sensing
Soaring through the skies, I am knowing.

The Crow is my friend who came to me in adversity:
She brought me a gift, and I thank her kindly.

I have been called, and I am answering the call.
I am ready to serve with my gifts
Of healing and knowledge.

I am ready to assist in the healing,
and ascension,
of humanity and earth.

I received the gift of the White Stone;
Which is the white bread of life
of the new humanity.

Preparing us for the new heavens and the new earth
Which is the earth transformed
And the new humanity awakened.


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