Saturday 26 February 2011

Autism, the Light Children and Transformation of Humanity

I believe we are on the cusp of enormous changes in our world and awareness of that is finally growing exponentially. I was born in 1960, and had my first awakening to the higher reality and coming changes as early as 1977. In 1997 I met my wife, Sandra, who had received information in 1994 relating to the causes and cure of autism. Since then we have travelled the world sharing this information freely with people who are interested, and that includes thousands of families with autistic family members, as well as doctors and researchers in many fields.

To briefly summarise, the cause involves the evolution of the human immune system caused principally by mass vaccination practices over the past 100 or more years, but more generally in response to the intense environmental pressures of an increasingly hostile environment, as far as life is concerned. The immune system is at the cutting edge of evolution as its adaptation is crucial to species survival. As well as encoding for immune system functions, the ‘hypervariable region’ of our DNA also encodes for the way pigments are utilized and transported in the body. A protein called transthyretin is involved in pigment transport and deposition and this protein varies from population to population, accounting for the differences in skin pigmentation as well as body type from population to population. One of the pigments it transports is called lutein, which is also called macular yellow as it is the pigment found in the centre of the ‘yellow spot’ on the retina that protects the eye from UV. This pigment is crucial to the understanding of autism.

What population studies have shown is that a significant and growing and measurable percentage of the population have an alteration in their immunogenetics as shown by the c4B-null allele. 1 This genetic marker is associated with a wide range of auto-immune diseases, and as we have met with thousands of families affected by autism, there is an overwhelming preponderance of auto-immune diseases in the families, such as diabetes, arthritis, migraine, CFS, food intolerances, lupus, celiac disease, asthma, and all kinds of allergies and sensitivities. Published research has confirmed these family correlations. These conditions are accelerating in the population at an alarming rate. Autism is now at around 1 in 87 of the school age population, asthma is as high as 1 in 2 in some schools.

Our work is in autism, and that is not accidental, as we believe autism is a marker for something extraordinary happening in the human species – a consciousness shift and the emergence of children with extraordinary gifts. Autism is a very complex and multi-facetted disorder. In its presentation it can vary from severely disabling to manifestions of genius. One type is known as Asperger Syndrome, and is associated with very high IQ, artistic, mathematical and musical genius. We have probably met more people with autism than anyone else on the planet – literally thousands. We have seen genius in young children, even though that genius is often hidden to the world because of the presentation of socially strange and incomprehensible behavior. Sandra’s revelation was that the cause of the disabling nature of autism is a pigment intolerance, something which is totally impossible according to mainstream science. When a certain group of pigments known as all-trans isomer carotenoids are removed from the diet, the autist ‘wakes up’, the disturbing and traumatising symptoms and behaviors abate and the hidden person emerges. The miracle is that genius is the rule rather than the exception. If this is true, we have a population of millions of geniuses hiding behind the veil of autism, waiting to be ‘woken up’.

Since 1994 we have seen hundreds of such awakenings. The first was Sandra herself, who discovered the lutein connection in 1994 and changed her diet, and her life. The second was her adopted daughter Sara, who was severely autistic and whose life was transformed. I heard about Sandra’s work over the internet. When she sent me the diet information, my life was transformed and I was so overwhelmed by the transformation in my life that I left behind my former life and flew to America to help her in her work, and we were married a year later. I could give many examples of transformations. In 2002 we were in Borneo. We met a boy who was running naked around the house, totally out of control. A year later we returned and he was operating two computers simultaneously while watching a tv program and having a conversation with his father at the same time. This is the level of transformation we are talking about.

Now what does all this mean for humanity? What we are seeing is that in each new generation this process of evolution goes through another quantum leap! The immune system is itself a super-computer, responding to the environment in increasingly complex ways. Its primary function is to differentiate self from non-self. The evolution to genius involves a new definition of self from one based on matter (proteins, sugars) to one based on frequency or vibration. This quantum leap is an evolution towards not only species survival but species transformation – the birth of a new being.

There has been many prophesies that refer to the Light Children, the Rainbow children, the Crystal children. As this evolution speeds up, we will see the emergence of children with ever greater degrees of perfection and beauty and light and intellegence. These Children will teach us and lead us into the age of miracles.

In 1982 and 1983 I met Dr. J.J Hurtak at a conference in Switzerland, author of ‘The Book of Knowledge, The Keys of Enoch’, 2 a revelation he received during an experience in which he was taken through star gates by 'Master Ophanim Enoch'. The book contains 'Keys’ of Knowledge to help humanity through the coming time of great changes.

In this time many of us will be called to testify, to reveal the many truths of the higher reality, truth that has been hidden or kept from view. 

Our work is to show a new understanding of the human immune system and its relationship to evolution and consciousness. We also bring a message of hope, that the dark agenda which was to control humanity through vaccination has ironically had the opposite effect – the awakening and transformation of humanity. This is karma played out as a cosmic joke. Humanity has capacities for adaptation, growth and transformation.

1. Increased frequency of the null allele at the complement C4b locus in autism, (Warren, Singh 1990)

2. Keys of Enoch by J J Hurtak.

3. World Community Autism Program