Saturday, 29 March 2008

Finding My religion

A Tibetan monk who was tortured for his religious beliefs shares his thoughts about compassion

David Ian Miller talks to
Phagyab Rinpoche, a Tibetan lama who survived torture by Chinese officials.

"When we contemplate the suffering that others are going through, we know we are not alone, we are not being singled out. Countless beings are suffering in all kinds of ways. The more we can focus on this broader reality, the more our hearts can open and we can heal. I think it's also important not to isolate ourselves in our suffering, not to get alienated. Talking, commiserating, sharing and opening with others can really help us heal our grief. When we stay connected with others, it's easier for the grief to heal and for our hearts to open. . .

. . . I believe that the healing came as a result of the deep conviction that I have in the power of the practices that I do day after day, including meditation, visualizations and recitations. These practices were instrumental in healing the conditions I experienced."

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